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ORAPEX Exhibiting

Photo: Dick Malott

ORAPEX has a long tradition of excellent exhibits by leading Canadian and international collectors. From traditional multi-frame exhibits through regional and youth single-frame exhibits, there is something for collectors and the public alike to enjoy. Over 150 competitive frames of exhibits are judged by accredited individuals with vast experience in general and specialized fields of collecting. The show is rounded out by a number of non-competitive exhibits including a Court of Honour, local club-sponsored frames and other offerings from past ORAPEX exhibitors.

Each year, ORAPEX has a theme. For the 2018 show, the theme will be The Military.

The panel of judges for 2018 will be Charles Verge (Chief Judge and Chair of Jury, Toronto ON), Ed Kroft (Vancouver BC), Rob Lunn (Nasonworth NB), Dick Malott (Ottawa ON), Jane Sodero (Dothan AL) and David McLaughlin (apprentice, Pickering ON).

In 2010, the American Philatelic Society granted "World Series of Philately" status to Canadian National Level shows. As a result, the winner of the Multi Frame Grand Award at ORAPEX is invited to the APS StampShow Champion of Champions event, and the winner of the Grand Award for the One Frame Category at ORAPEX is invited to the winter APS AmeriStamp Expo Champion of Champions event for one frame entries. The ORAPEX Committee is proud to manage a WSP show, where the best exhibits move on for recognition at the largest annual stamp shows in North America.

ORAPEX Exhibition Forms

In preparation for exhibiting, ORAPEX urges potential exhibitors to familiarize themselves with the Manual of Philatelic Judging and to make use of the tremendous resources available through the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors. The AAPE is one of ORAPEX's meeting presenters and awards sponsors.

Rules and regulations for exhibiting at ORAPEX
Exhibit entry form for ORAPEX 2018

For Palmares of past exhibitions, please click on the 'History' button above.

Exhibits for ORAPEX 2018

The exhibits at ORAPEX 2018 represent many collecting areas.

Frames # Frames Title Class
1 1 Welcome to ORAPEX 2018 Filler
2-9 8 In Defence of the Border: Canadian Military Mails 1629-1895 Court of Honour
10 1 Canadian Military Hospitals at Sea Court of Honour
11-13 3 13th Canadian Jamboree CJ17 Non-competitive
14 1 Sewell Camp One Frame
15 1 Eyes on Stamps: More than Meets the Eye One Frame
16-20 5 Vended Postage Automation Traditional philately
21-28 8 The Great War Internment Camps of Canada Display
29-38 10 Camp Borden 1916-2016 Postal History
39-43 5 RAF Ferry Command (Dorval): Military Mail to and from Global War Fronts Postal History
44-48 5 The Returned Letter Offices of the United Kingdom - The Exclusively Metropolitan Office Era: 1811-1873 Postal History
49-58 10 The Development of Airmail within Canada by Pioneer Flights with Cachets or Labels, and by Semi-Official Air Post, 1918-1934 Aerophilately
59-68 10 The Use of the Pitney-Bowes Model H Postal Meter in Canada (1929-1957) Traditional philately
69-73 5 Beavers: Nature's Engineers Display
74-78 5 Gold Coast Traditional philately
79-86 8 Give Wings to Your Mail Aerophilately
87-88 2 The Fighting Newfoundlander Thematic
89-96 8 St.Pierre et Miquelon, Le Type Groupe 1892-1908 Traditional philately
97-101 5 World War 1 – Messages Home in Silk Picture Postcards
102-103 2 The Victoria Cross Thematic
104 1 Correspondance de Guerre d’Emile Martin (1914-1916) Traditional philately
105-109 5 WW1 Canadian Army Nursing Sisters Serving Overseas Display
110-117 8 The French Revolution, From the Ancient Regime to the End of the First Republic Experimental
118 1 Diamond Marks - Great Britain One Frame
119-121 3 Censorship and Much More France 1939-1945 Postal History
122-129 8 Canadian Government Postal History & Postmarks (1841-1939) Postal History
130-133 4 Face to Face - The Story of Masks on Stamps and Covers Topical
134 1 Canadian Merchant Navy July 1943 - Sept 1945 One Frame
135-142 8 Hong Kong Wartime Airmail September 1939 to December 1941 Aerophilately
143 1 Gregory Prosser, Engraver - Legitimate and Illegitimate Legacy One Frame
144-148 5 The Semi-Official Proofs, Stamps & Covers of Commercial Airways Aerophilately
149 1 CANADA -1985 - 50c Parliament Booklet Usages One Frame
150-153 4 Military Toronto 1812-1946 Postal History
154 1 Wildlife Conservation Stamps One Frame
155-162 8 Salesman Display
163 1 Welcome to ORAPEX 2018 Filler
164-166 3 Civil and Military Censorship of India-Canada Mail: 1939-45 Postal History
167-174 8 WWII Postal Protocol: Mail Violations and Advisements Postal History
175 1 RA Club frame Non-competitive
176 1 OPS Club Frame Non-competitive