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ORAPEX Exhibiting

Photo: Dick Malott

ORAPEX has a long tradition of excellent exhibits by leading Canadian and international collectors. From traditional multi-frame exhibits through regional and youth single-frame exhibits, there is something for collectors and the public alike to enjoy. Over 150 competitive frames of exhibits are judged by accredited individuals with vast experience in general and specialized fields of collecting. The show is rounded out by a number of non-competitive exhibits including a Court of Honour, local club-sponsored frames and other offerings from past ORAPEX exhibitors.

Each year, ORAPEX has a theme. For the 2020 show, the theme would have been Topicals, Thematics and illustrated Mail.

The panel of judges for 2020 will be Rob Lunn (Chief Judge, Nasonworth NB), Sam Chiu (Willowdale ON), Robert Henak (Milwaukee WI), François Brisse (Beaconsfield QC), David Piercey (Edmonton AB) and Mike Mather (apprentice, Kentville NS).

In 2010, the American Philatelic Society granted "World Series of Philately" status to Canadian National Level shows. As a result, the winner of the Multi Frame Grand Award at ORAPEX is invited to the APS StampShow Champion of Champions event, and the winner of the Grand Award for the One Frame Category at ORAPEX is invited to the Champion of Champions event for one frame entries. The ORAPEX Committee is proud to manage a WSP show, where the best exhibits move on for recognition at the largest annual stamp shows in North America.

ORAPEX Exhibition Forms

In preparation for exhibiting, ORAPEX urges potential exhibitors to familiarize themselves with the Manual of Philatelic Judging and to make use of the tremendous resources available through the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors. The AAPE is one of ORAPEX's meeting presenters and awards sponsors.

Rules and regulations for exhibiting at ORAPEX
Exhibit entry form for ORAPEX 2020

For Palmares of past exhibitions, please click on the 'History' button above.

Exhibits for ORAPEX 2019

The exhibits at ORAPEX 2019 represented many collecting areas.

Frames # Frames Title Class
1 1 Welcome to ORAPEX 2019 Non-competitive
2-7 6 Revalued Canadian Postal Stationery - Correlation with Rate Changes Non-competitive
8-12 5 ORAPEX Overprints and Special Covers Court of Honour
13 1 Yukon Territory Pioneer, Transport and Exploration Airmail Non-competitive
14 1 The R-100, 1930 Airship Flight from England to Canada and Return One Frame
15-24 10 La poste à Rouen des origines à 1879 Postal History
25-26 2 Seals and Sealing: Newfoundland Stamps and Postcards 1866 - 1942 Display
27-28 2 The Newfoundland Cod Fishery: A Brief History on Newfoundland Stamps 1866 - 1942 Topical
29-36 8 British Underpaid Intercontinental Air Mail to WWII Postal History
37-39 3 Flaws in Stamps from Machin Booklets Traditional philately
40-45 6 The Presidential Issues of 1938 - An Introductory Review Postal History
46-51 6 Cancels of Sierra Leone 1859 to 2003 Postal History
52 1 Caribou on Newfoundland Stamps 1897 - 1942 One Frame
53-58 6 Territorial Claims in Antartica Thematic
59-66 8 Canadian Postal Rates and Fees: Early Elizabethan II Era (1952-1966) Postal History
67 1 Advertising Covers of the Large Queen Era One Frame
68-70 3 Patiala - An Indian Convention State Traditional philately
71-75 5 Les premiers compteurs postaux distribués par Pitney-Bowes au Canada (1930-1955) Traditional philately
76-80 5 The Western District of Upper Canada: the Development of Postal Communications and Postal Markings, 1800-1850 Postal History
81-88 8 Canada’s Caricature and Landscape Issues Traditional philately
89-93 5 Chefoo/Yantai, China, Picture Postcards, 1898 - 1911 Picture Postcards
94 1 Xtreme Delay Due to Xtraordinary Circumstances - A British Postal History Contribution to the Popular Xtreme Sports! One Frame
95 1 Hong Kong 1945 - Order Out of Chaos One Frame
96-101 6 Canada: The 1972 - 1977 Definitive Issue Traditional philately
102-108 7 The Rates and Usages of the 1988-2002 Masterpieces of Canadian Art Stamps Postal History
109-116 8 Cancellations of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia on Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Stamps Postal History
117-121 5 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and Fishing at the Beginning of the Last Century as Seen by the Postcard Picture Postcards
122-124 3 Special Delivery Service in Canada: Forms and Labels Postal History
125-128 4 The Story of the Kaulbach Island Local Carriage Service Cinderella
129-134 6 The Air Mail Sticker Aerophilately
135 1 Grammie I Remember One Frame
136-140 5 Voluntary Fundraising for WW1 Display
141-145 5 Blood - A Modern Medicine Thematic
146 1 St-Pierre et Miquelon, les cachets PP de 1926 One Frame
147 1 1930 Canadian Weights and Measures Revenue Issue One Frame
148 1 Welcome to ORAPEX 2019 Non-competitive
149 1 1934 Cartier Quadricentenary Stamp One Frame
150 1 Symbols Add Meaning to Century Old Easter Post Cards One Frame
151-153 3 Canada - In Space Thematic
154 1 The ½ Cent Quebec Tercentenary - Canada's Last ½ Cent Stamp One Frame
155 1 Austerity Reused Covers - Great Britain One Frame
156-157 2 Canadian Pacific Ship Mail Regional
158 1 APO Club Frame Non-competitive
159 1 RA Stamp Club Frame Non-competitive
160 1 OPS Club Frame Non-competitive