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Ottawa Area Hotels

Here are some suggested websites (there are many more) you can use to help you find the best possible hotel deal while staying in Ottawa for ORAPEX. Please remember that some hotels will offer discounts to seniors and to those who book in advance, etc. These all give you a wide variety of locations and amenities to choose from, as well as ratings, etc.:


Radisson Hotel Ottawa

402 Queen St, Ottawa ON K1R 5A7


On the 2017 ORAPEX weekend, there will be several other important events in Ottawa. We therefore recommend you reserve a hotel room as soon as possible. ORAPEX has secured a number of rooms at a discounted rate of $139 (plus taxes and parking) per night at the Radisson Ottawa Hotel. This is situated close to Library and Archives, downtown for those who would like to do research during their stay in Ottawa. Should you want to take advantage of this special rate, please call 1-877-557-5565 or 1-613-236-1133 and mention "ORAPEX id # 431200". This rate is available only to those who book their rooms (1 bed, with 1 or 2 person occupancy) before March 17th, 2017.